Hi, My name is Elise Marcus and I am amazed by the constant changing world we live in. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read a bit more about who I am, my background and who I want to become.

I see myself as the creative, and sometimes unusual, connector between different disciplines. When working with me, I am the person who's always saying: "What if...". With this question comes with a lot of passion and imagination. (Jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to write something down happens way to often). 

My topics are social, from an autonomous perspective. However I'm also interested in using commercial practices to bring these questions within the public space.

My dream is to work with other disciplines, while visualizing social questions regarding our cultural mindset. I hope we can create a world together, where we can live more aware of our mindset, our identity and our lifestyle as part of a bigger and fluid system: nature, culture and technology.





2008 - 2012 Nimeto Utrecht - Spatial design - Cum laude

2013 - 2017 Willem de Kooning Academy - mayor Lifestyle design & minor Sustainability - Cum Laude



2010 - Yes Expo Styling

2011 - Oil for Live Communications

2015 - Atelier Monté

2016 - Next Nature Network




Lifestyle - Red Apple- Rotterdam - 2013

Motel Mozaïque - Schouwburgplein - Rotterdam - April 2014

Worm & V2 -Rotterdam- April 2015

Green light district - keilewerf - Rotterdam- December 2016

Graduate show Willem de Kooning - Rotterdam- Juli 2017

Unusual - Rotterdam - Juli 2017

Resilient city Rotterdam - Beurs WTC - juli 2017

Buitengewoon - Langhuis - Zwolle - September 2017

Dutch Design Week TAC - Eindhoven - Oktober 2017

Nieuwe Instituut - Rotterdam - Maart 2018

Eenakterfestival - Hofpleintheater Rotterdam - Maart 2018




Expovisie Young Designers Award 2010

Winner of the Maaskant Award 2015

Winner of Drempelprijs social design 2017

Nominated for Willem de Kooning research award 2017

Nominated for Hogeschool Bachelor Award 2017




But enough about me, what about you?

I'm looking forward to read your email!