A person is always changing, always growing. It is good to show you where I am now, but maybe you also want to know about my previous work.

From the age of sixteen until I was twenty years old, I went to Nimeto Utrecht. I specializes myself within spatial design and branding. I've learned a lot about marketing strategies, graphic design, product design, visual merchandising, spatial design and software like Vectorworks, Cinema 4D and Adobe software. 

Even thought Nimeto was a very commercial education, I tried to push the boundaries of what commercial could mean, but also of the software we used. Whenever anybody said it would be too difficult, I would work hard enough to prove them wrong.

My projects where always a mix of social, autonomous and the commercial practice. They where stimulation your senses and coherent in every detail.

I like to think that Nimeto was a (very stressful) kindergarten of design for me, where I took my first steps and learned my first words, which gave me a solid basic to grow up with.

In this slideshow you can see some visuals of the projects that I've done from 2009 untill 2012