Being wind

In a world where we are able to control much more than we could ever imagine, some things remain unable to control: like the weather. Would we want to have control over the weather and how would we control it? Or is it something that should remain 'untouched'? But can anything even remain untouched? Just think about our role as humans within the climate change. In the end, everything is affecting everything.

For the project "being wind" I've worked together with Max Kowalski to give people a perspective on the idea of controlling something uncontrollable like the wind and at the same time changing the way we experience the wind, by giving the wind a visual form.

We’ve created two installations, which can be combined or be showed separately. In both installations the wind is visible by using two layers. Using daily images of clouds and water where the wind is shown in the “normal” world and adding an extra dementia by giving the visitor influence. In one installation, we’ve used liquid and colour to make the wind visible. In the second installation, we’ve used the visitor’s appearance to become the wind.

Together they tell the same story, but a different approach: visualizing the invisibility of the wind, by letting the visitor be the wind themselves.

Above you see a video of the combined installation, where it was shown in the exhibition at V2 on the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam.

Above you see a video of the seperate installations.

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