A MUSE is a magazine about the future of food as an experience. Together with Sarah Amrani and Veerle Kluifhout I’ve created a future oriented statement, where food can be specifically designed for our needs.


Food should be easy and quick to make, but at the same the same time we constantly want to be surprised by new sensations of tastes and textures. Looking at developments within the society and science, in combination with refreshing ideas of other designer, we imagine the future of food as small dishes that are designed to create on overload of stimuli for our senses.

In our magazine we looked at the production process of food, new technologies that can be used, and the overall experience with cutlery. We experimented with elements such as taste, texture, shape and colour.  

Within the final magazine, we also placed interviews wit experts on sustainability, food designers and trend watchers. AreWe created all the images including the cutlery, crockery and clothes.


Elias 01bElias 01b
gerecht 04gerecht 04

Do you want to know more about this project?  info@elisemarcus.com