Consume & Restore

“What if we reverse the current linear system?”

Project 2050 consume and restore is about changing the systems we are currently living in. We have created four new systems which form the basis of a new world: an economical system, a community system, a new value for the earth and the most important one: a consuming system, where we reverse the existing linear system of only taking resources and give back pollution, into taking pollution and giving back natural resources. We use an odd little water plant called Azolla, to clean up the pollution in the water. From the full grown Azolla we create futuristic clothing and eventually the ground becomes more fertile by putting the garment back into the ground. For the first time in history, it is good to consume more.

This project is created in collaboration with Anne Korthals, Andreas Solhoj and Anthony Oliviero. With special thanks to Adrie van der Werf, professor at Wageningen University.

A project overview

render azolla farmtreesrender azolla farmtrees

Visual of the climate room where the Azolla grows and dries


A visual of the futuristic clothing made from dried and 3D-printed Azolla.

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