I feel it in my belly

After interdisciplinary research, I've created a future oriënted statement. My theory is, that within the public space, when people come in contact with each other, their gut bacteria are constantly scanning the bacteria of other people. When the gut bacteria recognize the other bacteria or complement each other, you feel this instant connection in your belly, with the other stranger across from you.

“ I feel it in my belly”, is transcending the research process of science and philosophy, by visualizing this feeling of connection in your stomach, on an esthetical level. I've asked six different people, to draw their own gut bacteria by using their imagination. Subsequently I filmed their bellies and projected their drawings on their bodies. With as a result that the drawings are playing a game of connection with each other.

A future perspective

I would like to imagine this idea of a communication through bacteria, into a future perspective. With this perspective come a lot of new questions.

  • In what ways will this effect our culture?

  • In what ways will this influence disciplines like design?

  • Will this be another form of identity?

  • What if this will be a method of finding your friends, or even the right partner? ("we complete eachother" will have a different meaning.)

  • We've allways been looking for a worldwide language. Could this be a language without words, that anyone can understand and it could bring us closer together?

  • But what if this new way of connection will create new discrimination, think of health or even diversity?

  • Would it change the meaning of love?

Bringing the question to the public space

I placed the video projection within in the metro station of Blaak. It’s is an intervention within the public space , where I would like to inspire people to think in a different way about their connection to the other person in this public space, than they are used to. I believe a different way of thinking about connection is important for our society, where discrimination is a big problem. So we can evolve into a society of respect and connectedness. In the end we are connected, through a feeling, which you will feel in your belly