As a sustainable mindset designer have developed several workshops and exercises. From elementary schools to universities and organisations. Below you'll find more information about the workshop-packages I've created. If you are interested in collaboration or creating a personal teaching program, send me an email and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Elementary school:

-  2 hour workshop:  what is a system? (action reaction)

-  Projectweek of 2 hours per day: Creating a sustainable solution and making a stopmotion

- Projectweek of 2 hours per day: 'Zieners'. Looking at the city through someone elses eyes. (in collaboration)



- 2 hour workshop: What is a system?

- 4/8 hour or projectweek workshop: Create a sustainable solution



- 2 hour workshop: system thinking and sustainable solutions

- 2 hour workshop: system thinking and mindmapping

- 1 hour workhsop: creative brainstorming



1 hour workshop: creative brainstorming

2 hour workshop: system thinking and creative solutions.