As a sustainable mindset designer have developed several workshops and exercises. From elementary schools to universities and organisations. Below you'll find more information about the workshop-packages I've created. If you are interested in collaboration or creating a personal teaching program, send me an email and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Elementary school:

-  2 hour workshop:  what is a system? (action reaction)

-  Projectweek of 2 hours per day: Creating a sustainable solution and making a stopmotion

- Projectweek of 2 hours per day: 'Zieners'. Looking at the city through someone elses eyes. (in collaboration)



- 2 hour workshop: What is a system?

- 4/8 hour or projectweek workshop: Create a sustainable solution



- 2 hour workshop: system thinking and sustainable solutions

- 2 hour workshop: system thinking and mindmapping

- 1 hour workhsop: creative brainstorming



1 hour workshop: creative brainstorming

2 hour workshop: system thinking and creative solutions.




Elementary school:

Bellow you'l find a stop motion made by the Oscar Romero elementary school in Rotterdam Crooswijk. The children created their own concepts, characters and video. This workshop program was created as an assignment from Code Groen in Rotterdam.